Welcome to an immersive experience inspired by the troubled life of board game inventor Marvin Glass, who held the patents to Mouse Trap, Operation, Rock-em-Sock-em-Robots and hundreds of other toys and games. Notoriously secretive and wealthy, Glass also created an opulent pleasure palace for himself in the outskirts of Chicago. The experience spans three rooms where you can play some of Glass’s lesser-known games and pick up hints about location of the secret fourth room. Here you can  try your hand at a parlor game Marvin Glass might have created for his guests where the roll of a marble determines the course of your evening, if not your entire future.


Atlas Obscura


Concept, Design, Projection: Alex Reeves
Live Performance + Music: MOTHERMARY
Dancers: Chauncey + DD Smith
Soundscape: Eliot Krimsky
Fabrication: Jackie Spaventa