Futurists predict that the first generation to live forever has already been born. Those with the means to remain plugged in will experience the coming centuries as a digital hereafter, watching over their families on connected devices, perhaps wielding influence and power from beyond the grave.

Named after an early programming challenge, No Palindrome is a video playlist for the new afterlife and a reminder that there is no perfect repetition. The work is presented over WiFi, the most fleeting of mediums: next time you return the network may be gone.


Part of the Wrong Biennale 2020


DB Amorin, Tayla Blewitt-Gray, Grayson Earle & Mark Read, Nathaniel Livingston Johnson, Daniel Hougland, Nitesh Kashyap, Hanna Koch, Dena Kopolovich, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Jackie Spaventa, Micah Welner